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  • 19 April 2017

    As part of the campaign for the protection of migratory birds conducted by Lebanese and Polish environmentalists, representatives of the Polish organization Grupa EkoLogiczna will be visiting Lebanon on the 25-29 April. Polish environmentalists will bring and donate children's animated film "Reksio and the Storks" to children in Lebanese schools.

    Since 2013, Grupa EkoLogiczna in cooperation with the Polish Embassy in Beirut has been working to protect migratory birds under the banner "Storks across borders". T.E.R.R.E Liban is the Lebanese partner actively supporting the campaign in Lebanon. One of the basic aims of the project is educating both adults and the youngest citizens in Lebanon and Poland. Increasing awareness of the mechanisms of migration and cruelty of killing of defenseless birds during their long journey is of great importance to many bird species migrating over Lebanon. This is precisely why the film "Reksio and the Storks" produced at the Film Studios in Bielsko Biala, showing these birds not as shooting targets, but as friends, for whom someone is waiting end of their journey has been made. The cartoon was created thanks to the support and generosity of many people actively involved in the protection of the white stork.


    The protection of the white stork was one of many issues discussed during the meeting that took place between the Ambassador of Poland and the new Lebanese Minister of Environment, H.E. Mr. Tarek Khatib. The Lebanese President, H.E. Gen. Michel Aoun is also involved in the protection of migratory birds.


    Photo: The Ministry of Environment of the Lebanese Republic


    For more information about the project, please visit our website: as well as the website of Grupa EkoLogiczna:

    Those interested in participating in the campaign, and especially promoting it in Lebanese schools, please email us at:


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