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  • 14 April 2015

    Over four thousand refugees used the Bire clinic services in 2014. Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Beirut under the framework of the Small Grants of the Polish Aid program, sponsored the purchase of an ultrasonography and an electrocardiogram machines, as well as medical accessories and medicines.

    Photo: PCPM


    The clinic was also supported directly from the funds gathered by Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM) under the Humanitarian Aid 2014 of Polish Aid program. Thanks to Kulczyk Foundations’ help, it was possible to ensure its functioning in the first months of 2014, which was a key time during which the clinic started to welcome its first patients. Thanks to PCPM efforts it was possible to get the UNHCR agreement to write the referrals to hospitals for patients needing a specialist care and also to get financial assistance from other sources. At the end of the last year the clinic was registered by Lebanese Health Ministry. It is the only clinic offering help to Syrian refugees in the 20 km radius.



    Photo: PCPM

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