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  • There are 62 species of Polish birds migrating through the territory of Lebanon (and through the wider region of the Levant). The most intense months of migration are March and April. The birds return to Africa in September and October.




    One of the most famous among them is the white stork, which to Poles  is not only one of the many migrating birds but also a character from legends, folk tales and fables. Little children often learn that a stork brought them to the world, they read fairy tales and poems where it is the main character. Grown-ups repair the nests close to their houses waiting for the arrival of our beloved birds believing that they bring happiness and prosperity. The white stork is close to our hearts.

    Nature lovers protect the areas where storks can get their food and study these beautiful birds. Sick storks, that are not able to fly away to warmer countries in Africa, find numerous shelters. Many veterinarians in Poland cure them and set them free. Researchers are also interested in the roads that the birds choose and study them cautiously by putting anklets on their legs.

    Unfortunately, nowadays more and more nests remain empty in the spring - storks do not come to Poland as numerously as they did in the past. Some of them are killed. And not by predators. By people.


    This is why we appeal to all nature lovers to protect and take care of the white storks also here in Lebanon. They have become a part of our common wildlife.


    We would like to give special thanks for an active campaign on white storks to Polish and Lebanese non-governmental organizations such as TERRE Lebanon , Ecological Group and to the All-Polish Society for Protection of Birds ( campaign). We also encourage other people, institutions (eg. schools) or organizations to join the campaign and share the information about the white stork.



    We also encourage you to watch the short movie about the white stork:


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